About Us

About Us...

Established in June 2019, Blackbird Boutique is here to offer amped-up, casual looks for everyday wear. This mother-daughter team is inspired by the women around them- teachers, business owners and professional women, mothers, sisters, and friends. They want to offer everyone high quality, fashionable clothes that are classic and chic, but with just the right amount of sass.  They absolutely adore fashion and love seeing what the next best thing is. Their hope is to show everyone they can follow the trends of today without sacrificing modesty and sophistication.

Emily St. John: Founder/CEO

Emily was born and raised in Orange, Texas. Growing up, Emily has always had a passion for art and music and was an active member in art club at her high school. She has won many awards for her artwork and commissioned pieces throughout college and beyond.

Not only is Emily artistic, but she has a love for math as well. Emily graduated from Lamar University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with teacher certification and started working at a local high school soon after. Working in a professional environment has given Emily some insight as to what is missing and what could be added to make our lives easier. She wants to offer pieces that are classic, chic, and affordable that help boost confidence.

Tina St. John: CFO

Tina was raised in Alvin, Texas. She is a wonderful mother, friend, and confidant. She received her business degree in 1986 and has a background in accounting, warehousing, and personnel management. She has always had a love for fashion. Our infamous flat lays you see on all our social media are made and pictured by her. She works hard and loves to get creative with bringing together outfits for you to enjoy. Without her involvement in the business, what is today could not be possible. Tina has been an asset in making Blackbird Boutique so special and unique.